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IronE Singleton (T-dog) Autobiography

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IronE Singleton (T-dog) Autobiography Empty IronE Singleton (T-dog) Autobiography

Post by Lili Munster Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:46 pm

This is an older article, dated back in February. I had no idea he had released a book. The title is catchy enough to potentially get people interested, yet it's not quite what people may think it is. This cleaver title describes his life being raised in poverty in Atlanta's worst housing projects, riddled with abuse, drugs and crime.

LINK can be found HERE

The article reads as follows:

Blindsided by the Walking Dead Tells Uplifting Story of IronE Singleton

Surviving Slums to Assassinating the Undead

ATLANTA, Feb. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A chilling tale of abuse, poverty and crime transformed by love, football and faith, the compelling story of actor IronE Singleton is featured in his new autobiography Blindsided by the Walking Dead.

From the drug-infested corners of one of Atlanta's worst housing projects, to alleyways filled with ravenous zombies, Blindsided by the Walking Dead examines one man's battle to overcome the violence, drugs and crime of the "hood." The story starts with a young IronE (nee Robert) determined to succeed despite an abusive mother, an absent father and the temptations of instant gratification inherent with the thug life. Football and Faith in God become IronE's allies in his quest to escape, and helped him reach for the lights of the University of Georgia's football field and theater stages.

IronE eventually snags his major breakthrough role in The Blind Side, playing the kind of drug-dealing, gun-toting thug he would have become had he remained on the streets. Then when he is cast as T-Dog on AMC's "The Walking Dead," IronE examines through art, a more profound understanding of humanity and what it means to truly survive against all odds.

About the Authors:IronE Singleton is best known as the menacing drug kingpin Alton in the Academy® Oscar Award-nominated film The Blind Side, the biggest box office grossing sports movie of all time. He is also known as the compassionate tough guy T-Dog in the award-winning "The Walking Dead," one of basic cable's highest rated shows ever. He has held featured roles in the films Lottery Ticket, Seeking Justice and An Amish Murder, as well as numerous television appearances. Prior to breaking into film and television, Singleton wrote, directed and performed a critically acclaimed one man stage production entitled "IronE . . . The Resurrected," which garnered rave reviews and inspired IronE to transcribe the production into his autobiography, Blindsided by The Walking Dead.

Co-writer Juliette Terzieff is a combat-trained former foreign war correspondent, human rights journalist, fiction and non-fiction writer and public speaker. Juliette writes and edits newsletters for SmartBrief on development, humanitarian aid, public health concerns, veterans' issues and international policy, and serves as co-founder and commander-in-chief of the Zombie Survival Crew.

IronE Singleton (T-dog) Autobiography 969p2s
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