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Norman and the Elephant in the Room

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Norman and the Elephant in the Room  Empty Norman and the Elephant in the Room

Post by Lili Munster Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:35 pm

From The Walking Dead Official Magazine (#9):

"And then Reedus addresses the elephant in the room he touched upon earlier. In the wake of Still, fans anticipated a Daryl-Beth romance. It didn't happen and, following the events of Alone, it might never happen.

"People hinted there was more of a love thing going to happen, but i think it was much more a basic need to have something good in the world," Reedus says. "Beth showed him that's possible, and I think he was clinging to that hope. Then, of course, she gets ripped away from him."

"It remains to be seen if Reedus will ever act with Emily Kinney again. Whether he does or not, the young actress made a major impression on him."
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