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Post by Lili Munster Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:10 am

We are not here to gain popularity, but rather to offer a safe haven for those who wish to feel free to express themselves without fear of trigger-happy Mods or Admins. We would like to pride ourselves in the philosophy of post and be damned. In other words, we are not big on censorship here. You are free to discuss what you want within reason. As an example, please do not discuss other boards by name unless it is to give credit for spoilers or images because it can promote cancerous results. Know that if debates get too heated, the thread in question might end up in the forum, TERMINUS and away from the main forums (and the faint of heart). Please be respectful and courteous of others, regardless if you do not agree with their thoughts and/or theories. Accepting the fact that people may have a different opinion than you is half the battle. We would like to suggest if something offends you, leave the thread in question before it escalates to embarrassment and ends up taking the walk of shame down south to Terminus. Realize that Terminus also has its limits. Spamming, crimes against humanity, racist, hateful, or pornographic content must be avoided on this forum. With all that said, this is a board centered on a show where the undead eat the living, so I think we’re all adults enough to move passed our petty squabbles if and when they arise, and embrace our love of The Walking Dead.

Also: Please, PLEASE use spoiler tags located on the menu bar above when discussing spoilers in all forums outside of Spoiler section. Some people may not want to know all that we know. If you are unsure of what the spoiler tag looks like, scroll your mouse over the icons above you. It's the icon above that looks like a notebook with a small yellow triangle placed on the bottom right hand corner.

**Disclaimer: This is an 18 PLUS board. Anyone under the age of 18 must exit this board due to adult content. We are no way affiliated with AMC. This board is strictly for fan and entertainment purposes only.**

EDITED: For Disclaimer.

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